The Reluctant Speaker’s Club

Eamonn O’Brien, founder of The Reluctant Speaker’s Club, hired me to assist with building his brand through video and audio.

As a client, Eamonn is someone who brings a lot of ideas to the table, and has a clear idea of his goals and style. Working with him involved building a strong, collaborative relationship across projects spanning several years.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working James on┬ámany, many projects to date and am constantly amazed by the level of creativity, skill and value James offers. Simply put, he’s my ‘go to’ guy and someone I’m delighted to recommend to anyone who needs to boost visibility for their business”.

Eamonn O’Brien – Founder, the Reluctant Speaker’s Club

Initially I recorded live talks and helped Eamonn create a short video series, offering helpful advice on public speaking as a means to build his brand and stand out as a thought leader in his industry.

Eamonn’s video content was successful in growing his audience and reach, and showing his expertise as a speaker and coach.

Through podcasting and webcasting, Eamonn sought to grow his personal brand and brought in guests from his own and other industries to help increase his reach through their audience. To assist with this, I helped Eamonn with setting up google hangouts, recording skype calls and edited these into short interview pieces that Eamonn was able to share to his network via social media.

I also recorded live interviews between Eamonn and guests, which were used to create videos and podcasts about a variety of topics related to public speaking. This was called ‘The Expert Series’.

Eamonn is also the author of a book, ‘How to Make Powerful Speeches’ and to support it’s launch I recorded a short video with Eamonn, detailing what readers can get from it.

Working with Eamonn has been a great success in terms of brand growth, with Eamonn cementing himself as an expert in his field, serving as President of the Professional Speaking Association in Ireland and delivering talks to audiences at home and abroad.