BITS is a documentary I made about retro video game collectors in Ireland. A really fun project, my aim was to produce something that captured the meticulous nature of collecting, through slow, careful shots that really get across the effort and time that’s gone into collecting all these games.

I had the massive privilege of working with Daisyhouse on a short documentary telling the stories of some of the women who live there. Daisyhouse is a refuge for women who’ve been through abuse, addiction and homelessness, and the work they do is incredible, taking their guests from the streets through rehabilitation and back into education and work.

With SAFE I wanted the viewer to feel confronted by these women and their stories. They described being ignored in the street, treated like dirt, and most of us have that fear when we pass someone in their situation, that they may be dangerous. Asking the viewer to look at these women (or their silhouette to maintain anonymity) forced them to take notice, to listen without distraction from b-roll or contrived shots of people on city streets that we’re so used to in these pieces. This is stark, simple and hopefully effective in eliciting a visceral, emotive response.

A documentary I produced and directed, looking into the stigma that surrounds mental health in Ireland. The film was screened at a number of festivals, including the London Underground, Clones and Underground Cinema film festival. I was also interviewed by Sinead O’Carroll of about it, you can read her article here.

Nunday was a part of What Stigma?, but was an interesting enough story that I felt it could be a documentary in it’s own right. I was also lucky enough to have it screened in the Kerry Film Festival, and organised a charity cycle from Dublin to Listowel to raise money for Pieta House before attending. The film also screened on PBS TV channel Thirteen in the US.

Right (of Way) was a documentary I produced as part of my MA in Journalism and Communications. It screened at the Underground Film Festival.