Music Videos

Well-known Irish artist Frances Black was looking for a video that captured the melancholic ‘Love Song’ in a unique way. I pitched several¬†ideas, but this was a clear winner, the story of a family who we never see – told through a stop-motion, ever-evolving living room that goes from moving in, through children, on to fights and breakup. Alcohol was a constant, something I was keen to include to reflect Frances’ work in that area.

This one ended up being a really personal project for me, and one that I’m very proud of for that reason. It was also my first time working in stop-motion and presented some really interesting challenges to overcome. Frances was very happy with the end result.

Wexford-based band SIL were looking for a video to help launch their debut album, Red Horizon, and lead single ‘Broken Glass’. We sat down and ran through a few pitches and they loved this one, an audio waveform that reveals more of the band from different angles as the song gets louder and more detailed.

Another video with SIL, this one recored in the National Concert Hall’s practice room as a live session with multiple cameras and operators. I acted as director and lead camera on the shoot as well as editing.

This hip-hop video was recorded with the help of Jonathan Lambert on second camera, and producer Alan Newman making beats. Siyo and Row-B took each other on in a rap battle, representing the countries in the World Cup final. This was recorded, edited and uploaded on World Cup Final day, so it was pretty hectic, but a lot of fun.

These two videos were shot in an abandoned nightclub in Dublin across a day with hip-hop artists from Dublin. I shot and edited with Jason Callaghan as second camera.