DSLR Documentary Film-making on a Budget


  1. Nice article! A few things that also come up (particularly for documentary shoots):
    Camera overheating. The Canon DSLRs are only designed to run for a brief period before the sensor overheats. This can be disastrous for documentary shooting.
    Audio sync. If you shoot with “disconnected” audio, it can be hard for introductory editors to sync up the audio, since NTSC and SECAM run at different frame rates than realtime (particularly drop frame). Dualeyes is usually not adequate for long format.
    So, there is no panacea for easy, inexpensive documentary acquisition.

    • James says:

      Thanks, and I agree with all of that. It’s definitely a huge compromise to shoot with a DSLR. Compared to a purpose-built camera it’s night and day.
      Those sound issues aren’t something I’ve had to deal with yet, so I’ve been lucky, but I did have the camera overheat and it’s a nightmare.

      Thanks for the input, very good advice for anyone considering the DSLR route.

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